General Services

General Services ensures the proper functioning of the operating infrastructure by preventing malfunctions and correcting them as quickly as possible when they occur.

They provide an indirect but essential service to patients, since they create the working conditions for treatment (electricity, water, air conditioning, medical fluids, etc.) and, above all, they guarantee the quality of the instruments used for the diagnosis and treatment of the patient. They participate in the daily therapeutic activity of the hospital and therefore, in its sustainability.

They contribute to the management of wastewater through a water purification plant.

The general services department has a wide range of skills: civil engineers, senior technicians, maintenance technicians, electricians, plumbers, air conditioning and medical fluids technicians, biomedical technicians, morgue technicians, drivers, mechanics and supervisors.

The Centre Hospitalier Mère et Enfant is self-sufficient in water and electricity, thus guaranteeing the continuity of patient care with greater safety.

The general services are organized as follows.

Technical and Maintenance Department

Responsible for the management and operation, preventive and curative maintenance of energy equipment, electronic devices, biomedical equipment and various installations.

Car service and garage

Responsible for the technical management of medical ambulances for the transport of patients and emergencies, as well as other types of vehicles for specific journeys. An internal garage ensures the periodic repairs and maintenance of the vehicles.

Surveillance, Health and Safety Department

Manages the security of the facilities and the guarding of the various sites as well as the processing and disposal of all waste produced by the hospital.

Purchasing and Logistics Department

Ensures the supply of equipment and spare parts to the hospital and supervises the management of stocks and stores.