Working at Monkole


It is possible to have a career at Monkole Hospital Center where there is
no shortage of staffing needs.

The work environment is pleasant, healthy and conducive to the integral development of the worker.

Monkole is concerned with the development and complete fulfillment of the person, not only that of the patient but also and especially of its employees, its providers and other casuals. Its legal and administrative framework, as well as the social benefits offered, provide many facilities in a difficult social context. In addition, Monkole invests a lot in the training of its staff with the particular support of ISSI and CEFA.

Several professionals were able to benefit from the necessary training to become competitive and able to provide a quality service meeting international standards.

More than anything else, Monkole works as a family, as a team and all dedicated to the same cause: the good of the patient.

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